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Degrees Offered
  Mechanical Engineering M.S., Ph.D.
Enrollment Details
Participating Staff
   Academic Faculty  35
Admissions Information
   GRE General Test is required
   GRE Subject Test is not required
   TOEFL exam is required (international)
Admissions Statistics
   Average GRE Quantitative  157
   Average GRE Verbal  153
   Average GPA (4.0 scale)  3.61
   Percent applicants accepted  68%

In the Mechanical Engineering graduate program there are two main areas of emphasis: (1) material mechanics and (2) thermal sciences. You are challenged to investigate materials processing, materials simulation and process control using perspectives ranging from fundamental physical underpinnings to industrial applications. The program addresses the real-world problems of advanced engineering and technology. Research in conjunction with course offerings prepares you to become a leader in industry, academia and government.

Competitive financial support packages (including stipend, health insurance and full tuition) are available to qualified candidates in the form of research assistantships (RAs), fellowships, and teaching assistantships (TAs). Applicants seeking financial support should indicate so within the online application. In addition to applying, applicants interested in support should contact the faculty members whose research interests parallel their own. Though not mandatory, applicants are encouraged to submit the application by the deadline to insure priority consideration for fall semester financial support.

Degree Programs

  • Master of Science in Mechanical Engineering (thesis and non-thesis)
  • Doctor of Philosophy in Mehcanical Engineering


Research and teaching within the mechanical engineering program tends to focus within the following areas:

  • Solid mechanics
  • Thermal/fluid sciences
  • Robotics and computer-aided manufacturing
  • Process control
  • Computational engineering
  • Biomechanics

Additionally, there are four research thrusts in which the division is involved in aggressive program building:



Lori Sisneros, Graduate Program Administrator
College of Engineering and Computational Sciences
Phone: 303-273-3658
Office: Brown Hall, Room 339



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